A Rocky Mountain Winter

December 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The first big winter storm of December is supposedly less than 24 hours away. Many people don't enjoy snow and ice (especially when the expected accumulation is measured in feet), but I find being in a storm an invigorating experience. A blanket of snow is a beautiful sight, but to actually be outside as snow falls all around is magical. The world is silent.

When I experience extreme weather first-hand, I often think of a story I read in a John Muir biography. While in a California forest, John once climbed a tall tree during a wind storm. From the tree-top he experienced the swaying of the tree and the full fury of Nature. He sat in the tree for hours! John was a fellow wanderer and I'm sure we would have been friends.

When the storm comes, I'll head for the hills!




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