From The High Country | 2014 Lake City Ice Climbing Festival

2014 Lake City Ice Climbing Festival

February 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you live in the mountains during winter, it can be a much more enjoyable time if you participate in a winter sport or two. Heavy snow can represent a chance to ski rather than a nuisance. If downhill or cross-country isn't your thing, snowshoeing is another great option.  A few years ago, a more specialized sport came to Lake City - ice climbing.

Lake City Ice Climbs was formed to create an ice wall on cliffs next to Henson Creek and to operate the wall as a free resource. Each year, a contest is held in February, and climbers from Colorado and beyond travel to Lake City to compete.

There are two events that climbers can enter (in addition to climbing for fun on other sections of the wall). The top rope course (left) allows the climber to concentrate on climbing technique, while the more challenging lead climb (right) requires the climber to clip on to anchors as he or she ascends.

The 2014 contest was held on Saturday, February 8th, and was the best attended yet!

To see more images from the the 2014 event, click here.


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