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Relaunching a Photography Website

May 02, 2016  •  2 Comments

As with any other art form, a photographer must continually strive to improve. Over the last few years, I've learned a vast amount from field experience and from processing hundreds of images. I don't follow the work of other photographers closely; instead I prefer to concentrate on my own style, but that doesn't mean that there isn't always room for improvement. The day I think I have nothing left to learn will be the day I quit.

As I was selecting images for a recent exhibition, I began to realize that my website had not kept pace with my standards. A good photography website is a advertisement for the photographer, but as I looked at my earlier work I knew I had to change a few things.

After biting the bullet, I set to work reviewing every single image on my website (excluding recent work for clients). The review ended one of two ways - removal or reprocessing. It's part of my job to be my own worst critic, so no matter how long I hiked or how interesting the backstory, if the image didn't meet my current standards, it had to go.

With a final pool of over 500 images, the next task was to reorganize the galleries. I decided on four main seasonal galleries that will be continually updated:

Spring in the Rockies - Melting snow, thawing ice, new life.

Rocky Mountain Summer - Sunny days, mountain hikes, abundant wildlife.

Fall Colors of Colorado - Golden aspens, snow dusted peaks.

A Lake City Winter - Rugged landscapes covered in snow, frozen waterfalls.

With a home for everything, I made selections from those four to create a further eight galleries covering certain subjects:

Colorado Wildlife - From a bald eagle to a bull moose.

Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls - Vast lakes, high mountain streams and hidden waterfalls.

Mountain Landscapes - Colorado scenes through the seasons.

High Country Flora - Wildflowers, fungi and trees.

Lake City Landmarks - Natural and man-made icons for Lake City residents and visitors.

Macro Photography - Close studies of Colorado wildflowers

Abandoned Colorado - Remnants of the past, including mines and pioneer cabins.

Portfolio - A small selection for potential clients and customers, or a way to see some of my personal favorites.

With a new home page to mark the occasion, the changes to From The High Country are now live! I invite you and your friends, family and colleagues to take a look around, pick your favorite gallery and let me know what you think! You can add images to your own favorites collection on the website, which you can then share with friends or view it as a slideshow.



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Love your work!!
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Beautiful... love your work
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