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Wilderness Wisdom

December 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Being a freelance photographer in a tiny mountain without a large network of contacts, I have to make my own luck. I work hard to create photographs and related products that I would buy (while not compromising my principles). As most of you know, this year I released my greatest book yet, Lake City Landscapes. It represents some of my best work over five years in the mountains, and shows the reader some of the hidden gems I've found while exploring the wilderness.

I like to let the photographs speak for themselves in my work, but I've noticed a great deal of interest in my choice of words when introducing images on social media and in my books. In the drab days following another display of fall colors, I decided to commit some of my thoughts to a new project. Over the weeks that followed, this became Wilderness Wisdom - 25 Life Lessons from the Landscape, a compact and concise ebook.

Wilderness Wisdom

As the title suggests, Wilderness Wisdom is a collection of my reminders and realizations that crossed my mind while wandering through unspoiled forests and mountain ridges. Each subject features an account of one of my adventures and a thought-provoking image to illustrate the lesson. You will find no over-used inspirational quotes - every phrase and photo is my own.

Wilderness Wisdom is available in all e-reader formats (including PDF), so anyone reading this can enjoy the book. I hope it will become a handy guide to happier living in our modern lives. At the time of writing, it has been submitted to all major ebook retailers (but may not appear for a few days).

Readers of this blog entry can get a 20% discount on the $5 purchase price by using this code - ww20 - during checkout here.

Edit - now available here:

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