From The High Country | Greetings From Lake City - A Late Spring Photo Essay

Greetings From Lake City - A Late Spring Photo Essay

April 27, 2017  •  6 Comments

Mountain weather can be difficult to predict, and at no time is that more apparent than in spring, when winter and summer seem to fight for ground. As April drew to a close (and after several weeks of warm, calm days), several inches of snow fell over Lake City, Colorado. As a professional should, I suited up and grabbed my camera as most people enjoyed their warm homes and offices.

The local grocery store (subject of a number of From The High Country photographs over the years), a familiar sight to generations of visitors.

The main highway accommodates sporadic traffic flow. Each vehicle leaves a track as identifiable as those found in the forest.

This building lies empty, but holds memories for many. I can also see the lights and hear the voices of nights long passed.

A meeting point for many in winter, the post office is a vital service to small towns.

Many businesses close, especially those catering mainly to tourists, as if hibernating like our bears.

Stark contrasts can be found along waterways when snow-laden trees clash with shadowy, fast-flowing rivers.

Alleyways lie deserted. Only photographers avoiding the public eye use them to get around.

Mountain towns require practicality over aesthetics, although it's hard to deny that a lived-in Jeep has character.

Spring run-off has begun, and the Lake Fork flows with power and grace through a changeable landscape.


Today's photo essay coincided with the unveiling of a new design for 2017. I'm sharing it here because the title fits quite well. Photography is my full-time occupation, and I can't produce blogs like this without your help, so please keep commenting and sharing  - here on and over at my FB page. I hope you'll think of me when looking for wall art, souvenirs, or need to hire a professional. Without your business, I can't do this.

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We love Lake City & we love how you capture it's character!
Debbie Hemphill(non-registered)
Love your beautiful photographs of a beautiful part of our world. Have purchased calendars and greeting cards from you in the past. Keep shooting!
Shellie Riddle(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work for those of us that only get to see summer time in Lake City...
That was great. Really liked the Restless Door, Country Store and Depot Windows. Was planning to be there today so super glad you shared the day!
Cathy Schones(non-registered)
You never disappoint I'm like a kid waiting for Santa I look forward to whatever you post. Keep up the great work makes my world in Oklahoma better in the winter.
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