From The High Country | New in Lake City, Colorado for 2018

New in Lake City, Colorado for 2018

July 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

As many of you know, I had an unexpectedly busy start to the summer season in Lake City. Bookings for photo shoots flooded in after a quiet spring, and then requests for a 2019 calendar built to a point where it just made sense to print my sixth in as many years.

The 2019 calendar almost didn't happen. Working in a town as tiny as Lake City is unpredictable by nature. Businesses change hands all the time. Sometimes the rent is too high, landlords too difficult, trade too low, or sometimes people just want to move on to something new. That's all fine, but for me it's just about impossible to plan ahead or really invest in anything more than my personal photography equipment. With last year's closures (including a couple of my retail partners and one community-minded art collective), I was ready to shut down my retail product development and sales entirely, but that changed when fans of my Facebook page placed orders for my 2019 calendar before I even shared the new cover design!

#3 Calendar 2015#3 Calendar 2015

After impressive sales wiped out my supplies before I could get significant numbers into stores, I have decided to reorder one more time. Calendars (and my book, Lake City Landscapes) will be available at the Lake City Trading Company, Bluebird Boutique and Silver Spur Gifts in downtown Lake City.

Lake City Landscapes is entering its second year of sales, having outsold both of my previous books combined. Since it's a limited edition, self published book, I will not print more - once they're gone, that's it!

To celebrate the book's sales and the many compliments I've received, I created a new video. Enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage here:

You can buy the book and calendar online simply by visiting my store (click here), where you'll find exclusive offers such as the combo deal (save $10 when buying both) and some other items. As always, I'll be glad to sign the book for you - just ask!


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