Fall Colors


On the Western Slope of Colorado


Two years after the release of my first photography book, the successor is here! Drawing from images taken in 2013 and 2014, I created a book that captures some of my favorite autumn views, and takes the reader through a full season in the Rocky Mountains.



Fall Colors contains over 80 full-color, full-page images, all of which were hand-picked from my archives. From the first leaf to land on the forest floor to the grand finale of glorious color, each stage of the season is recorded in my own unique perspective.



Fall Colors makes a fine addition to your coffee table or bookshelf, and would be a perfect gift for nature-loving friends or family. Priced at just $30 each, I'll be happy to sign your copy before sending it via Priority Mail ($6.50) to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.


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A customer review:


That is what first attracted me to the photography of Craig Palmer but in the end it was the pictures themselves.  Because you see, when Craig leaves the highway to go find a new view, it’s all on foot.  No jeep, no atv, just him and his camera.  Now does that in and of itself make it a better picture?  Maybe not.  But it does add to the probability that you are looking at a one of a kind photo or that he is the one guy that will go take that one of a kind photo you want taken (I know this first hand).

Now as far as his new book, Fall Colors, if you want a combination of many, many pictures that capture the “why” of why we all love this area and you want this at an obscenely low price, this is your book.  It is full of absolutely stunning fall pictures when the colors are so vibrant.  For $30 you will not be disappointed.  I highly recommend it."  Mr S. Beedy