Steve Gunter(non-registered)
" E N A ' S C H I E F S N A R L I N G B E A R "
You found it!! Unless we've shown people or gave them specific directions on the road to Carson, no one else knows how to find it or where it is. I showed Darren Hardy at the Sportsman and he regularly points it out on his guided tours. But you, I'm guessing, found it via the old Google Earth platform where I originally placed it. We discovered it back in the summer of 2005. Grant Houston of the Silver World even has the picture I sent him of the Chief on his computer screen saver (he says anyway) but has yet to find it. Your picture of the Chief in the winter is much better.
P.S. We have bought your calendar every year for as long as I can remember. You are a gift to Lake City!
Lori Bowling(non-registered)
I absolutely love your work. My daughter will love the one I bought her for her house warming gift. Thank you so much
Terri Christensen(non-registered)
The photography is fantastic. Takes me back to our younger days visiting the San Juan’s, the most beautiful part of Colorado
paula cairns(non-registered)
Enjoyed the website- appreciate the way you've set up the different galleries. Beautiful work!
John Lake
Great Photography. My Father carried a 4x5 Speed Graphic on his back [OLD LEATHER CASE] when and where ever with jeeped, skied, or walked in the wilderness. I have hundreds of his negatives and slowly making digital copy's. He had his own dark room in the family house and printed out is 10x12, 12x16 with purchased frames. I have most of those. He started Color but had a Professional in Denver do the developing and printing.
I enjoy seeing you pictures.
richard hurd(non-registered)
Sherri Edwards(non-registered)
I would love to get your book and calendar for my hubby for Christmas, but don't see it for se on your website.
Hello Craig, Your landscapes are a play of light and colour – it's an adventure to explore the world through your photos. Best
Whitney Judd(non-registered)
Just got your new book for Christmas from my patents! I love Colorado but only get to visit about once a year. I love your photos and will enjoy the book. Thanks for signing it! Keep the photos coming!
Nan Sheedy(non-registered)
So enjoy all the pictures of our favorite vacation trips....makes me smile and wish we were there..thanks for the memories...
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